Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle

Ooookay guys. So after posting my last blog about Mare of the Moon I realized the Rainbow Honey descriptions for their polishes are spot on. So I'm gonna include their words to describe Roof Hassle.

'A shimmery copper orange base studded with gold, copper 
and orange hex and square glitter, and a sprinkling of 
iridescent and holographic glitters - this polish loves to sparkle in the sun.'

I'm not going to lie, I used this polish tonight because out of the 8 polishes in the Equestria collection, this was my least favourite in the bottle and I wanted to get it out of the way. I'm not really an orange person.. Actually I don't think I own a single orange nail polish. Anyways, I'm actually pretty fond of how this turned out. I still don't think it'll be a go to glitter for me, but I'm not taking it off as we speak either. I was hoping to get a really nice fall theme going on to match the beautiful scenery before Vancouver turns cold and grey for the winter.

The colours I used for my base coats are Glitzerland (the gold) and I'm not really a waitress (the red - I swear it's mostly red but it does often look more pink, especially in my house lighting).

Sorry about the awful mess, I totally forgot to take a picture of my left hand (I'm right handed so it's usually not as messy) before I put on the glitters!
 Okay, so I didn't have anywhere near the problems applying Hoof Wrassle as I did with Mare of the Moon. The glitter chunks were super super accesible, there were almost too many of them! They all laid super flat though, which was awesome, and even though there is a lot of glitters it doesn't seem too overwhelming. It definitely did change the colour of my base colour again, but this time I expected it and planned for it. I guess it always helps to read the polish description before diving full speed into it.

I think it turned out really nicely. I'm definitely getting better at this glitter thing, who knows in 6 more polishes I may even be able to call myself a glitter pro haha. I definitely got the fall feel I was looking for. It also kind of reminds me of fire. 

I got a cow onesie today and I just had to share it, I am so in love <3


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  1. HELLO MOO! You did WAY better with this than I did! I'm gonna have to try it over red... I have an idea just now actually... I will link to you when I do it ;)