Sunday, 18 November 2012

OPI Pamplona Purple

Okay guys. So this is one of the first 'fancy' nail polish I EVER bought myself. Probably at least 3 or 4 years ago now I bought it. It's called Pamplona Purple and it's by OPI of course.

The polish is a gorgeous cream purple, nothing fancy no glitter or shimmer or anything like that. I find it definitely applies a little bit darker then it appears in the bottle. That could be because I generally use 3 coats (even though it could be completely fine in 2 if applied well). The application is very very smooth and you can easily choose to do very thin layers or more gloopy ones. Any flaws in the pictures you see are my fault, my dog was pestering me to go outside half way through my polish application of course so it all got done in a rush.

 Evidently I need to improve my bottle shot skills.

Apologies for the gigantic chunk missing out of my thumb, qtip slipped during my clean up.

I was wondering why I was sooo drawn to Sally Hansen's 230 Plum Power polish. I mean I'm always a huge fan of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, their brush is my FAVOURITE, but I just couldn't let this colour go. It is almost identical to Pamplona Purple, but it has SHIMMER!!!! I did two accent nails in the below pic, can you tell the difference? It's damned hard.

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  1. Omg can totally tell the difference. I'm a total sucker for shimmers, which I didn't know until 80% of my collection turned out to be, you guessed it, shimmer. This colour looks so classy =D