Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cutesy toes

Okay guys, here we go. I'm gonna try my first ACTUAL nail related post.

Now I almost feel like I'm cheating posting this one, because I didn't actually do the painting myself.. My boyfriend did. I had just gotten out of the hospital and he wanted to do something to make me smile. Also, I'm gonna post pictures of my toes.. Which is obviously not as aesthetically pleasing as a hand, but this really is kinda cute.

The red colour is Essie's 'Forever Yummy'. I adore it. Good consistency in the formula, it is an incredibly smooth application. The picture is literally one coat with no clean up, so that alone tells you how great it is. The colour itself is a very very classic bright red carpet colour red. Very glam, very pretty.

The little heart on my big toe was done using Quo by ORLY's Instant Artist in BLACK. I have two of these and I really like concept of them, but they can be super hard to use. I find that a lot of polish will gloop down the brush all at once unless you're extremely careful.

Anyways guys, I think that's about all I can really think of to say about this one, let me know how I did.
Immediately after being done.
About a week later now.. Crazy staying power. Does anyone else find their toe polish barely ever chips?

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  1. Mine lasts forever compared to my hands. I forgive you for the feet 'cause these pictures are really nice! And go nerd-boyfriends who paint miniatures xD